CRST Logistics

The CRST Logistics company is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are a third party logistics resource which takes care of complete transportation needs of its clients. It has earned a reputation of being a stable trucking leader over considerable periods of time. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of a large private transport solution company in North America, the CRST International which itself has a long and successful history of over 55 years.

CRST trucking is committed to taking the responsibility of all transportation needs of its clients so that they can focus on their own business needs without having to bother about the transportation aspects. CRST Logistics have a high carrying capacity which is validated in terms of managing over 200,000 loads every year which speaks volumes about its business.

CRST Logistics Covers All Major Transport Industries

Private clients from a spread of industries like steel, packaging, machinery and hi-tech equipment use the services of CRST Logistics on a regular basis. Besides having private clients CRST provides transportation outsourcing to the US military, state and federal government departments which shows its reliability and efficiency on the job. The distinguished clientele list speaks volumes about the delivery performance and better management of resources.

Rely On The History Of Excellence From CRST Logistics

CRST Logistics

CRST trucking company has been approved and acknowledged for its splendid work by the trusted authority in the field. It has been certified as a P3 Partner by the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) which helps third party logistics professionals to manage their companies for higher growth and profits. The CRST trucking company has also been named as Top 100 3PL provider by the Inbound Logistics magazine. CRST Logistics has a quick access to their customer service which takes care of all the transportation needs with speed and efficiency. The customized deals are offered according to client needs and the shipment can be easily monitored on the go with complete peace of mind.

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