CRST International

CRST International is a ‘total transportation company’ that is the parent firm of five trucking and logistics companies — CRST Expedited, CRST Malone, CRST Dedicated Services, CRST Logistics, and Specialized Transportation. It started operations in 1955 as Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, hauling iron and steel goods from Chicago to Cedar Rapids and henceforth to places within a 50-mile radius. The company changed its name to CRST in 1974 to reflect its expansion into dry freight and temperature-controlled commodities.

CRST International Professional Transportation Services

CRST Expedited-Team Truckload is a leading truckload carrier. It has 1,200 tractors and 3,000 trailers providing services throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. It employs 2,500 team drivers for rapid coast-to-coast transit. The company’s tractors are capable of satellite tracking and communication.

CRST Malone — Malone Freight Lines from Alabama was acquired by CRST International in 1984. This has enabled CRST to expand its services to the US Southeast. This company is one of the largest flatbed carriers in the country, delivering steel, machinery, building products, glass, nonferrous materials, automotives, and other heavy freight across the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company uses both company drivers and independent contractors. It has 1,700 power units.

CRST Logistics — this part of CRST International offers solutions for supply chain management customized to its client’s needs. These include Outbound and Inbound Transportation Management, Carrier Selection and Rate Negotiation, Freight Bill Auditing and Payment, and Private Fleet/Dedicated Fleet Management.

CRST Dedicated Services — this company of CRST International creates tailor-made dedicated services for transportation of specialized equipment, specialized services, or combination of both. It operates in the 48 contiguous states, serving industries across manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail segments. This is a customer-focused solution that caters to needs from simple, power-only configurations to complete private fleet conversion regardless of equipment type.

Specialized Transportation — this company of CRST International provides tailor made supply chain solutions for commodities that require high touch support, special handling and equipment. It generally serves the B2B market. It operates multi-modal transport, and it offers special padded van transportation, trade show support, warehousing, white glove services, transportation management, and technology tools. It has supported customers in the technology, healthcare, industrial, furniture, store fixture, retail, and financial services markets.

Career Opportunities at CRST International

There are office, driving, and agent opportunities at CRST International. The company currently employs 650 offices employees, more than 2,500 company drivers, and does business with more than 1,700 independent contractors.

CRST Trucking accepts applicants whether they are fresh graduates of certified truck driving schools, owner-operator truck drivers, experienced drivers, or even those who still need training for their CDL Class A licenses. Basically, CRST will want to know about an applicant’s driving, work, and criminal history (if any).

The company will pay the tuition fees of those taking its driving classes in return for an eight-month contract with the company. The student then gains experience by working in a team after he/she gets a CDL. Team driving can also be advantageous: the team can cover more miles and have mutual support for trip planning, mapping routes, and other work on the road.

On CRST Expedited, a lead driver can earn up to $.49 per mile, while co-drivers could get up to $.43. Husband-and-wife teams can also benefit from this setup, which provides them companionship on the road and an opportunity to jointly (and doubly) increase the family’s finances.

CRST International has gone a long way since 1955. It has been steadfastly providing all types of van or flatbed service, from long-haul to regional or specialized, high touch deliveries. This is testament to the CRST International’s transformation in 1997, from a regular trucking firm to the complete Transportation Solution of today.

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